Dual Module

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Agensi Pekerjaan Princeton consist of dual module of services whereby to achieve our maximum exposure to the Malaysia families and business communities Our local expertise enable the company to anticipate and meet the evolving needs of the families or industries. We closely cooperate with the largest local maid training center in Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippine and Sri Lanka by interviewing foreign maid and strictly choosing those maid with rich experience, good characters and enthusiastic attitudes for one family’s selection.

Furthermore, we also recruited over 5,000 people through a network of agents in different countries including Indonesia, Bangladesh, Thailand, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Myanmar, Cambodia, Loas and India by making it easy for customer to find interest and flexible employment opportunities in the field of manufacturing, construction, plantation, engineering, information technology, hotel and other service sectors. Our processes are built with the strength of regional knowledge base and delivered personally to you.

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Domestic Maid Services

  • New Application
  • Re-entry Application
  • Work Permit Renewal
  • Passport Renewal
  • Online Application with Immigration Departments
  • Cancellation Processing (Check-out Memo)
  • Arrangement for Medical Check-up (Fomema)
  • Assistance on Insurance Services
  • Send Back Services
  • Counselling Provided
  • Agreement Extended Services
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Foreign Worker Services

  • Consult on New Application of Foreign Worker
  • Consult on Work Permit and Passport Renewal
  • Assist Liaison Between Employer and Foreign Manpower Agencies
  • Assist on Cancellation Processing (Check-out Memo)
  • Assist Arrangement For Medical Check-up (Fomeme)
  • Assist on Insurance Services
  • Assist on Send Back Services
  • Assist Delivery Foreign Workers upon Arrival to Employer Premises
  • Counseling and Translated Consult will be provided